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Re: [RP] My dreams about ratpoison

From: Joe Corneli
Subject: Re: [RP] My dreams about ratpoison
Date: Wed, 09 Mar 2005 10:03:37 -0600

   What I want to have is the tree as draw above. For that, I need groups 
   inside groups (is this possible?) and I want to highlight any vertex of 
   the tree. By highlighting, I mean, show this subtree in my whole screen. 
   More than that, I want to be possible to reparent any subtree to any new 
   parent vertex. I want also to flat any ammount of levels of a given 
   subtree. Some use cases.

I've also talked about the idea of groups of groups (somewhere...).
But I think the feature that would better serve your needs would to
have "labels" instead of groups. Gmail does this, with labels instead
of folders for message.  In gmail, each message can have several
labels, sort of like having a copy in several different.  In RP the
idea would be for each window to be available several groups at once
(with a different geometry, if necessary, in each).

   Sometimes I am writing in my konsole, and I want to split my screen so I 
   can see the Dia Drawing Window at the same time. Today I don't think it 
   is possible, because I don't know how to move windows between 

I think you can use groups quite conveniently to do anything you can
do with workspaces?  Anyway, it is a fact that one can easily move
windows between groups, with :gmove.


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