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Re: [RP] is this against the philosophy?

From: Aaron Griffin
Subject: Re: [RP] is this against the philosophy?
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 10:59:27 -0600

On 2/26/06, Shawn Betts <address@hidden> wrote:
> Aaron Griffin <address@hidden> writes:
> > Hmm, I'm thinking more in the realm of property windows that don't
> > properly set transient hints... i.e. firefox "Extensions" dialog,
> > numerous pygtk apps, and in general, a handful of little apps I just
> > dislike fullscreened on my 17" widescreen laptop - for instance,
> > bittorrent.
> Have you considered fixing those programs or using different ones?

Yeah, I considered it, but generally when you're faced with the
question of "fix 30 things" or "change one thing", and it's more a
usability thing, you'd take the easy route.  Not saying it's the best
idea, but it's the simplest.

As for the quote - it's not so much transient handling as max size
hints.... I investigated a tad, but firefox is...ummm... beefy.


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