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[RP] Patch: window border color

From: Kipling Inscore
Subject: [RP] Patch: window border color
Date: Sun, 3 Aug 2008 11:40:42 -0700

The attached patch allows the window border color to be set
(seperately for focused and unfocused windows). Includes man and
texinfo documentation.
Default border colors are both black, giving no visible change by
default (I like to set the focused window border color to orange).
This provides an unobtrusive and persistant alternative to the
"curframe" command. I'm submitting this patch simply because I like
the feature and think others might as well.

One place that looks like an unfortunate special case is line 811 of
split.c (in remove_frame): give_window_focus (new, win);
Although it makes sense when removing a frame to give focus to the
window in the frame that filled the removed frame, it wasn't
previously there. I added it to prevent unfocused windows showing the
focused window border color. I could replace this with just setting
border colors but then it really would be an unfortunate special case.
Is there a known reason XRaiseWindow is called here and
give_window_focus isn't? I didn't see any difference in my testing
when I simply commented out XRaiseWindow (but I did not remove this
call with my patch).

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