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Re: [RP] New user questions & suggestions

From: Sven Hartrumpf
Subject: Re: [RP] New user questions & suggestions
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2008 19:48:37 +0200 (CEST)

Wed, 20 Aug 2008 18:15:03 +0100, spam_from_ratpoison wrote:

> 2. It would be great if the documentation either listed the default
> keybinding for each command in the command index, or listed the command
> name for each keybinding in the default key bindings page.  Or
> alternatively if there were some way to get a running ratpoison to dump its
> current keybindings.

Press: C-t ? 

> 5. Say I have four terminals running in four frames.  If I want to "zoom
> in" to one of them I can "only" it.  But I don't see a way to "zoom out"
> again, i.e. I can't undo

Undo is named undo in ratpoison, too :-) See documentation.

> 6. Totally off-topic: if anyone knows how to change the font size that
> Firefox uses for its menu bar and status bar, or better still how to get
> rid of the menu bar entirely, I'd love to hear from you!  All those wasted
> pixels.....

The vimperator plugin provides these possibilities and many more ...


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