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Re: [RP] Fwd: default key bindings for "prevscreen" and "nextscreen"

From: Brian May
Subject: Re: [RP] Fwd: default key bindings for "prevscreen" and "nextscreen"
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2008 20:18:21 +1000
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Bernhard R. Link wrote:
----- Forwarded message from Simon Richter <address@hidden> -----
given that allmost all laptops these days are multihead capable, it would be
good if there was a default keybinding for switching to another physical
screen, so people don't have to define one themselves.
----- End forwarded message -----

I have had certain problems with ratpoison and multi-headed displays, but this isn't one of them. "c-t f n 0" to change to frame 0 will also change to that screen.

Problems I have had though include:

   * saving/restoring frame sets is broken. I have mentioned this before.
   * sometimes the window list won't go away; I can't reproduce this
     but suspect it might be related to multi screens somehow.

While I am on a rant, another issues I have had:

My laptop computer defaults to the resolution of the internal LCD screen, even if I plug in an external monitor. I can resize this with xrandr. Ratpoison won't notice. If I restart ratpoison it starts off working perfectly, but after a while of spliting frames and changing windows ratpoison gets very confused and resizes some windows to the LCD screen size and some windows to the external monitor size. I know there is a problem when the window freezes (accepts no input) and I have to use "C-t q" to restore it to "full size" to get it to work again.

The solution, probably the correct one, is to disable the LCD screen first before changing the screen size. Even then I have to restart ratpoision, but at least it doesn't get confused.

However I can't help think that something is badly broken if ratpoison when it starts of using the correct size, but then gradually deteriorates to the point I have to restart it again.

Oh, this is on Ubuntu Hardy, with the ratpoison in Hardy.

Brian May

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