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[RP] frame-setting with rpws can't operate on individual workspaces?

From: some guy
Subject: [RP] frame-setting with rpws can't operate on individual workspaces?
Date: Sat, 12 Dec 2009 22:58:35 -0500


In .ratpoisonrc, I'd like to declare two workspaces, and open three vertical frames in the first and three horizontal frames in the second (as a basis for more complex initialization). How can I do this?
I've been trying to  declare the workspaces on startup with (rpws init 4), then I switch to a workspace and initiate a cascade of frame-setting commands, but it applies it to all workspaces instead of only that one, or none depending on the sequence of those commands.
Here's the relevant portions in my .ratpoisonrc of what I'm trying to do:

exec /usr/bin/rpws init 4
exec ratpoison -c "exec /usr/bin/rpws 1" -c "exec xterm" -c "hsplit" -c "focus" -c "exec xterm" -c "exec /usr/bin/rpws 2" -c "exec xterm" -c "vsplit" -c "focus" -c "exec xterm" 

This creates the layout in all four tabs (not what I expected).
If I take out the first line it creates a workspace with three frames.
If I use two of the second line (one for workspace 1, and one for workspace 2), it does not produce two of those results.

I don't understand how to use these commands to do what I want, so I'd like to see an example of how to create two workspaces; one with 3 vertical frames and one with 4 horizontal frames. Here's an ascii image of what I'd like to create from .ratpoisonrc:

workspace 1                 workspace 2                 workspace 3
______________________  ______________________    ______________________
|      |      |      |  |    xterm           |    |                    |
|xterm |      |      |  |____________________|    |                    |
|      |      |      |  |      xterm         |    |                    |
|      |xterm |      |  |____________________|    |                    |
|      |      |xterm |  |        xterm       |    |                    |
|______|______|______|  |____________________|    |____________________|

[ I hope the formatting in my ascii drawing will be correct in the email, it is correct with non-wide, fixed-width fonts, but here's a picture in case  http://omploader.org/vMnpiZw]

Thanks in advance.

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