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[RP] Some missing features

From: David DEMELIER
Subject: [RP] Some missing features
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 2010 19:22:10 +0100


Ratpoison is the first tiling wm I used, so the first experiences are
often the time, the best. And I really like much the frame concepts
and select window in. But I guess there is lack of some features which
will make ratpoison really perfect such as :

- Free layout or Floating apps :
  You know that some fixed size windows (like zsnes, mplayer,
powermanga, wormux) are awful to use with tiling window manager.
That's why some of them (like wmii) handle them has floating apps and
I must say it's really useful. Of course we can unmanage them in
ratpoison but this canno't allow you to move a resize it.
- Auto grouping apps :
  If the free layout or float apps feature can be implemanted, an
automatic float apps assignment would be useful too, made by the
WM_CLASS of this one.
- A real workspace/tag support :
  For the moment rpws is great, but it depends on perl and it's an
external script so it takes more ressources...

That's my point of view of the perfect ratpoison window manager :-).

King regards,

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