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[RP] ratpoison-1.4.7 pre-release tarballs

From: Jérémie Courrèges-Anglas
Subject: [RP] ratpoison-1.4.7 pre-release tarballs
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2014 12:29:31 +0100
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Hi folks,

after much slacking, I think a new release would be worth it.  There are
annoying bugs in 1.4.6, one that makes firefox almost unusable, the
other one spams "XGetWMName failed" on stderr in non-debug builds.
This is of course not just a bugfix release, please look at the NEWS
file in the tarball to see the new goodies. ;)

A few changes have been made to the code and build infrastructure (eg.
new manpage), so if you're a distro packager please check this out.

I intend to publish the new release on Apr 1st, so please report
anything that looks suspicious, ASAP.


Tarballs, signed with my new GPG key:

  5135 92C1 AD36 5293 2BDF  DDCC 0DFA 74AE 1524 E7EE

(previous: 61DB D9A0 00A4 67CF 2A90  8961 6191 8FBF 06A1 1494)



Git repo, in case you need to check something:

  git clone git://git.savannah.nongnu.org/ratpoison.git

jca | PGP : 0x1524E7EE / 5135 92C1 AD36 5293 2BDF  DDCC 0DFA 74AE 1524 E7EE

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