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Re: [RP] [PATCH] do not refresh ratpoison.man.1 with --disable-maintaine

From: Jérémie Courrèges-Anglas
Subject: Re: [RP] [PATCH] do not refresh ratpoison.man.1 with --disable-maintainer-mode
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2014 22:31:13 +0100
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"Bernhard R. Link" <address@hidden> writes:

> * Jérémie Courrèges-Anglas <address@hidden> [140325 11:40]:
>> 2. you received a tarball, you want to patch the mdoc(7) manpage, but
>>    you want to install the man(7) manpage (really?).
>>    -> Just patch the already shipped man(7) manpage.
> If you do that (without --disable-maintainer-mode), then you must make sure
> that you first patch the mdoc manpage and then the other one.
> Of if you patch both at the same time you need to do a manual touch of
> the one and then of the other (and if you want to do that portably with
> all file systems, you need some sleep in between).

Really, there's no reason to patch both manpages.  "Doctor, it hurts
when I press here." "Well, stop pressing."

> That's exactly what --disable-maintainer-mode is good for, so that you
> are able to do patching like that without running into that problems.

I think you've just emptied the set of advantages I thought
maintainer-mode could have.  Thanks. :)

>> I might use AM_MISSING_PROG though, to deal with those cases:
>>   tmp=`mktemp` &&   -Tman < ./ratpoison.mdoc.1 > "$tmp" &&  chmod 0644 
>> "$tmp" &&  mv "$tmp" ./ratpoison.man.1
>>   /bin/sh: -Tman: not found
>> isn't exactly helpful.
> Fixing that is of course also nice, but that is an independent problem.
> Though I wonder is there a system without mdoc support? I'm suprised
> enough that there is a system without groff, but one without groff and
> still no mdoc support?

Some Solaris versions, which I suspect ratpoison can run on.  It's not
that I care much about them but thanks to mandoc(1) generating a man(7)
manpage for them is cheap.

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