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[Straw-devel] snapshot of straw available

From: Juri Pakaste
Subject: [Straw-devel] snapshot of straw available
Date: Fri, 05 Dec 2003 23:36:12 +0200

Sorry if you get this twice; I'm assuming the Savannah mail server won't
work, but who knows.

A snapshot of my current working directory of Straw is available in .

Pretty much all the caveats that applied last time apply now, too:

There are some unfinished features.
There are probably some features that I haven't even thought about
There are almost certainly features I thought were finished but are
actually not.
There are some features that work illogically.
There are various dead ends and pieces of old crud that should be
cleaned up in the code. I've tried to prepend some of those with
assertions ("assertion False".) Some of that "old crud" is left-overs
from the previous approach to categories, so not very old, but stuff
that has no use now anyway.
And there might be a few features you think work illogically, and we'll
end up disagreeing about.
It'll probably thrash your configuration and db, so take a backup.

But it would be nice to hear some feedback about it.

It sports multiple categories per feed, category selection by dropdown.

Categories are manipulated via a tab in the preferences dialog. The list
thingy there doesn't work and the tab probably could use work in other
ways too. I won't mind if someone feels like doing something about it

Feeds are attached to categories via the feed properties dialog.

You can drag feeds around in categories and it'll remember the
positions, but that won't work yet in the All and Uncategorized
pseudocategories. I'm not yet sure what would be the keyboard equivalent
- should we do feed moving by cut/copy/paste? It would probably be
logical. And I guess we should allow multiple selection.

The feed and article movement commands work at the moment only within
the category. Maybe they should be extended to work across categories.
Should they? Opinions?

I guess the category menu should use bold text when necessary (um, is it
possible?) and number of unread indicators.

Should the category selection box be moved above the Subscriptions:
label and be preceded by Categories:? I think it probably should.

A number of features broke with the introduction of categories. We'll
need a bit more thorough testing than usually before release. One thing
that springs to mind is OPML import/export: even if it works, it should
probably understand categories now. Although the format isn't really
designed to deal with the fact that we're not dealing really with a
hierachy (well, you could just cut that sentence after "designed". But

There are probably other things I should mention but I can't remember
anything at the moment.

BTW, I had to disable the .encode('utf-8') thing in utils.read_text as
it was causing breakage here. So, as I said, not a solution.

[ Juri Pakaste / address@hidden / ]

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