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[Swarmfest2006] SwarmFest call for papers

From: Steve Railsback
Subject: [Swarmfest2006] SwarmFest call for papers
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 15:37:53 -0800
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Michael shamed me into finally drafting a call for papers for SwarmFest. Greg already has a web site partly up.

Please post any comments on the CFP or web site right away. Things to note:
a. I am proposing that we not have a proceedings but instead put abstracts and anything else presenters want to submit on the wiki. I think that's what we have done at least sometimes in the past. b. I am asking people to tell us if they are interested in a class in Swarm, vs. Repast, vs. something else. (Michael- are you guys planning a Repast class?)


Call For Papers

SwarmFest 2006

The Tenth Annual Agent-based Modelers and Swarm Users Conference

University of Notre Dame
South Bend, Indiana USA

June 22-25, 2006

SwarmFest is the Swarm Development Group's annual agent-based modeling conference. At SwarmFest, scientists, modelers, and programmers from many fields share their research, ideas, and experience in agent-based modeling. SwarmFest is highly inter-disciplinary and informal, and users of Repast, NetLogo, Mason, and other software platforms are strongly encouraged to participate. This is a unique opportunity to make contacts, get feedback, find collaborators, learn techniques, and discuss topics of general interest to modelers.

SwarmFest 2006 will be hosted by the Department of Computer Science & Engineering and the Center for the Study of Biocomplexity at the University of Notre Dame, who hosted our very successful SwarmFest 2003. This year's meeting will be in partial conjunction with the annual conference of the North American Association for Computational Social & Organizational Sciences (NAACSOS; see: http://www.casos.cs.cmu.edu/events/conferences/2006).

Two kinds of presentations are solicited: oral presentations (20-30 minutes) and posters. Appropriate topics include research conducted with agent-based models, development of theory for/with ABMs, demonstrations of interesting models and modeling techniques, software platforms, and programming techniques. We encourage presentation of work that is too new or unusual for publication in traditional outlets. To request an oral or poster presentation, email an abstract to address@hidden Acceptable formats are PDF, plain text, and Word. The submittal should include the authors and their affiliations, the title, preferred format (oral vs. poster), and the abstract text.

We are also soliciting suggestions for special sessions on topics of broad interest. These sessions could include groups of related presentations, panel discussions, etc. One tentatively planned session will be on techniques for teaching agent-based modeling. To propose a special session, submit a short proposal describing the topic, format, organizer, and potential participants, to address@hidden

Past SwarmFests have included, as pre- or post-conference events, classes in the Swarm simulation software. These classes are taught by volunteers and require substantial preparation. This year we will attempt to provide one or more classes if there is sufficient interest and if instructors volunteer. Classes could be in Swarm, or another platform such as Repast or NetLogo. *If you want to attend a class, please email us at address@hidden as soon as possible and tell us what kind of class you are most interested in.*

There will not be a formal proceedings publication of SwarmFest, but on the Swarm wiki (www.swarm.org) we will post abstracts, presentation slides, or other materials provided by authors.

The tentative schedule is:

* June 22: Evening social.
* June 23: Joint sessions with NAACSOS, including keynote speakers and presentations of interest to both groups
* June 24: Contributed papers
* June 25: (possibly: classes in Swarm and/or other platforms)

* Lodging reservations: May 20, 2006
* Abstract submission: June 1, 2006
* Registration: Not yet determined.

For additional information and up-to-date information on registration, see the SwarmFest web site: http://www.nd.edu/~swarm06/index.html

The Swarm Development Group Board of Directors

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