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RE: [Swarmfest2006] Draft call for papers

From: North, Michael
Subject: RE: [Swarmfest2006] Draft call for papers
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 15:50:51 -0600


The Wiki approach seems fine to me.

We would be pleased to hold a Repast training class for SwarmFest.


PS: No shaming intended!

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> Subject: [Swarmfest2006] Draft call for papers
> Hi everyone- I am re-sending this because somehow the SwarmFest2006
> list got wrecked. Rick re-built it from the directors list.
> Michael shamed me into finally drafting a call for papers for
> Greg already has a SwarmFest web site partly up.
> Please post any comments on the CFP or web site right away. Things to
> note:
>    a. I am proposing that we not have a proceedings but instead put
> abstracts and anything else presenters want to submit on the wiki. I
> think that's what we have done at least sometimes in the past.
>    b. I am asking people to tell us if they are interested in a class
> Swarm, vs. Repast, vs. something else. (Michael- are you guys planning
> Repast class?)
> Steve
>   ____________________________________________
> Call For Papers
> SwarmFest 2006
> The Tenth Annual Agent-based Modelers and Swarm Users Conference
> University of Notre Dame
> South Bend, Indiana USA
> June 22-25, 2006
> SwarmFest is the Swarm Development Group's annual agent-based modeling
> conference. At SwarmFest, scientists, modelers, and programmers from
> many fields share their research, ideas, and experience in agent-based
> modeling. SwarmFest is highly inter-disciplinary, fun, and informal.
> This is a unique opportunity to make contacts, get feedback, find
> collaborators, learn techniques, and discuss topics of general
> to modelers. Users of Repast, NetLogo, Mason, and other software
> platforms are strongly encouraged to participate.
> SwarmFest 2006 will be hosted by the Department of Computer Science &
> Engineering and the Center for the Study of Biocomplexity at the
> University of Notre Dame, who hosted our very successful SwarmFest
> This year's meeting will be in partial conjunction with the annual
> conference of the North American Association for Computational Social
> Organizational Sciences (NAACSOS; see:
> http://www.casos.cs.cmu.edu/events/conferences/2006).
> Two kinds of presentations are solicited: oral presentations (20-30
> minutes) and posters. Appropriate topics include research conducted
> agent-based models, development of theory for/with ABMs,
> of interesting models and modeling techniques, software platforms, and
> programming techniques. We encourage presentation of work that is too
> new or unusual for publication in traditional outlets. To request an
> oral or poster presentation, email an abstract to
> address@hidden Acceptable formats are PDF, plain text, and
> Word. The submittal should include the authors and their affiliations,
> the title, preferred format (oral vs. poster), and the abstract text.
> We are also soliciting suggestions for special sessions on topics of
> broad interest. These sessions could include groups of related
> presentations, panel discussions, etc. One tentatively planned session
> will be on techniques for teaching agent-based modeling. To propose a
> special session, submit a short proposal describing the topic, format,
> organizer, and potential participants, to address@hidden
> Past SwarmFests have included, as pre- or post-conference events,
> classes in the Swarm simulation software. These classes are taught by
> volunteers and require substantial preparation. This year we will
> attempt to provide one or more classes if there is sufficient interest
> and if instructors volunteer. Classes could be in Swarm, or another
> platform such as Repast or NetLogo. *If you want to attend a class,
> please email us at address@hidden as soon as possible and
> us what kind of class you are most interested in.*
> There will not be a formal proceedings publication of SwarmFest, but
> the Swarm wiki (www.swarm.org) we will post abstracts, presentation
> slides, or other materials provided by authors.
> The tentative schedule is:
> * June 22: Evening social.
> * June 23: Joint sessions with NAACSOS, including keynote speakers and
> presentations of interest to both groups
> * June 24: Contributed papers
> * June 25: (possibly: classes in Swarm, Repast, etc.)
> Deadlines:
> * Lodging reservations: May 20, 2006
> * Abstract submission: June 1, 2006
> * Registration: Not yet determined.
> For additional information and up-to-date information on registration,
> see the SwarmFest web site: http://www.nd.edu/~swarm06/index.html
> The Swarm Development Group Board of Directors
> _______________________________________________
> Swarmfest2006 mailing list
> address@hidden
> http://www.swarm.org/mailman/listinfo/swarmfest2006

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