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Re: [Swarmfest2006] Conference planning

From: North, Michael
Subject: Re: [Swarmfest2006] Conference planning
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2006 18:35:27 -0600


Which NAACSOS people are currently on the Swarmfest2006 list?


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Subject: Re: [Swarmfest2006] Conference planning

(Michael: several items here particularly concern NAACSOS. If there are 
other NAACSOS people who should be on the SwarmFest email list, just 
tell us their name & email.)

Greg Madey wrote:

> 2) Questions about the web site:
> a) Please send updates on the Organizing Committee page

You can delete Ropella and Johnson.
Add Scott Christley if you want; Pietro Terna (University of Torino; 
address@hidden); and Michael North (Argonne National Laboratory; 

> b) Call for papers is a placeholder. The absolute deadline for  
> registration is May 20; the block of rooms are freed up after that  
> date.  Please send suggestions.

I circulated a draft yesterday; will finish it up tomorrow after anyone 
submits comments.

> c) Registration fees:
> The registrations fee structure used at SwarmFest 2004 and earlier is  
> difficult to implement, since we don't have good records of who is a  
> SDG member (or do we?). Since SwarmFest 2006 will overlap with  NAACSOS, 
> that groups fees may also be of interest (see below). Any  discussion or 
> recommendations on what the conference fees should be  this year?

I suggest we skip the member/non-member distinction and just go with 
student, academic, and other categories.

In fact, should we just adopt the same schedule as NAACSOS to eliminate 
any concerns about people paying for the cheaper conference and 
attending the other? Then allow anyone who paid for either conference to 
attend both?

  Student: $100.00
  Faculty: $200.00
  Industry/Government: $300.00

This might give an incentive for a few people to pay for SwarmFest 
instead of NAACSOS's membership fee. But we won't even be doing 
registration for SwarmFest until after the 1st day of NAACSOS so they 
can do any policing they want.

> -----------------NAACSOS Conference  
> Fees------------------------------------------
> Student (NAACSOS Member): $100.00
> Student (Non Member): $150.00 - includes membership fee
> Faculty (NAACSOS Member): $200.00
> Faculty (Non Member): $300.00 - includes membership fee
> Industry/Government (NAACSOS Member): $300.00
> Industry/Government (Non Member): $400.00 - includes membership fee
> After May 20, registration fees increase by $50.00


Lang Railsback & Assoc.
250 California Ave.
Arcata, California 95521
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