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[Swarmfest2006] Keynote speaker(s) for SwarmFest 2006

From: Greg Madey
Subject: [Swarmfest2006] Keynote speaker(s) for SwarmFest 2006
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2006 21:36:31 -0500

SwarmFest 2006 Organizing Committee,

Recall that NAACSOS_2006 is scheduled for Thursday & Friday (June 22-23) and SwarmFest_2006 is scheduled for Friday & Saturday (June 23-24).

In addition to joint paper sessions, some other joint events on Friday, including a shared keynote speaker and luncheon are possible.

The NAACSOS organizing committee is trying to arrange for two keynote speakers, perhaps one on Thursday and one on Friday. The keynote speaker could begin the day with a morning keynote, or perhaps a luncheon talk.

Two individuals have been asked with no answer back yet: Joshua Epstein (Brookings) and Steve Borgatti (author of UCINET and Chairman of the Org Studies Department at Boston College). If these fall through, then others will be asked.

Is SwarmFest interested in a joint keynote and/or luncheon (with speaker?) on Friday?

Are there any suggestions for other keynote speakers? Perhaps a SwarmFest only keynote speaker on Saturday? Or another joint keynote speaker on Friday?



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