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Re: [Swarmfest2006] Registration web site - please review

From: Steve Railsback
Subject: Re: [Swarmfest2006] Registration web site - please review
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2006 17:37:10 -0700
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Rick Riolo wrote:
hi greg,

a couple of comments after looking over the page:

- the first paragraph mentions member vs non-member,
  but it doesn't explain:  member of what?
  eg, does one have to match swarm membership with
  going to swarmfest to get the discounts?
  (is there a nascos membership? i don't know.)

(Does anyone have an up-to-date SDG membership?)

- It doesn't explain what is the implication of
  choosing one conference vs another.
  Does it mean one can only attend the one conference
  one chooses?  Ie, if you want to go to both,
  you have to register twice?

The real implication is which sponsoring organization gets the money!

As I understand, Greg, if you register for either conference you can go to anything? (Should we have a choice of "both" and add a few bucks to the fee to cover another day's coffee?, then split the fee among organizations? Maybe that's too complicated.)

One other thing Greg: the paragraph on tutorials doesn't say what is being taught. As I understand the current situation, there will be one or two tutorials on Repast, and possibly one on Swarm. And we need to know which classes people are interested in. Perhaps revise to something like:

Tutorial classes in Repast and Swarm will be offered, with the number of classes depending on the level of interest. Two times are available; June 21 in the evening or June 25 in the morning. The cost per session for students is $45.00 and for faculty/industry/government is $95.00. When you register for a tutorial, please email address@hidden to tell us which platform (Repast, Swarm) and time you are interested in.


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