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Re: [Swarmfest2006] SwarmFest organization

From: Bill Rand
Subject: Re: [Swarmfest2006] SwarmFest organization
Date: Mon, 1 May 2006 13:48:30 -0500 (CDT)

        Mike and I are going to meet on Wednesday here in chicago and 
among other things on the agenda is deciding how to best schedule the 
tutorials.  We would prefer not to overlap.  Actually the 22nd is the one 
day it would be difficult for me to hold the tutorial.  The graduate 
student who will probably be aiding me won't be able to make it easily on 
that day, but Mike and I will discuss the schedule and get back to the 
larger group.  Thanks again for this opportunity,

On Mon, 1 May 2006, Steve Railsback wrote:

> -------------------------------------
> Bill Rand: How much time do you want for your NetLogo class?
> Mike North: Confirm when you want to do your class(es).
> Greg M.:
>   (a) Is there any problem with 2 or 3 concurrent classes on the 25?
>   (b) How much of the class fee can we skim off to pay Paul J.'s travel?
> SDG board: Any objection to us paying Paul Johnson's registration if he 
> does a Swarm class?
> -------------------------------------
> Hi all,
> It's time to get some SwarmFest stuff underway again. One issue is 
> training classes. We have not been overwhelmed by requests for classes 
> but I think people will show up for them. And some people are bugging us 
> to get these scheduled so they can make travel arrangements.
>   a. Repast: Mike North is, I believe, scheduled to do an evening class 
> June 21 (SwarmFest starts on the 23rd, but the NAACSOS meeting starts on 
> the 22nd).
>   If there was demand, a second, longer class on Sunday (25th) is a 
> possibility, but so far we don't have a gage of demand (right Mike?).
>   b. Swarm: Paul Johnson offered to do a Swarm (Objective-C, I assume) 
> class, which we should schedule for Sunday (25th). Paul's offer is 
> contingent on us waiving his conference registration fee and letting him 
> use as much of the class fee as possible to cover his travel cost.
>   c. NetLogo: Bill Rand offered to teach NetLogo. We need to know 
> whether he wants to do a short evening class (22nd, to avoid conflict 
> with banquet?) or a longer class on Sunday.
> After we get these things squared away, we can post a more detailed 
> schedule that shows them.
> Steve
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