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[Swarmfest2006] SwarmFest speakers, etc.

From: Steve Railsback
Subject: [Swarmfest2006] SwarmFest speakers, etc.
Date: Thu, 04 May 2006 09:17:49 -0700
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OK, my email seems to work again now and Greg is pushing us to get some things settled.

1. Speakers: This is where we are farthest behind. Greg says that NAACSOS has recruited two speakers, one of whom would be on the day (Friday) that overlaps with us. They are Les Gasser (U. Illinois; http://www.isrl.uiuc.edu/~gasser/) and Steve Banks (I have to confess I'm spacing on who he is).

What do people think of asking 3-4 not-so-famous people in various domains to give a longer talk about their work and the state of the art in their field?
*Gary An informally agreed to do it for biomedicine;
*I would like to do it for ecology (if that's not too self-serving);
*Perhaps Steve Lansing (anthropologist; partly because he's one of the few SFI faculty actively interested in ABM);
*Perhaps an economist like Leah Tesfatsion

*Other suggestions please!

2. Registration and abstract submittal: We need to get people registering, as the deadline is May 20. I will send out another announcement, and I have updated the Swarm web site.

The deadline for abstract submittal is later than the registration deadline, but we can promise people to approve their submittal before May 20 if they request (if they need approval before registering and making travel plans).

3. Classes: Which classes are when should be settled out soon. Mike North and Bill Rand should be reporting in soon with the results of their negotiation over when Repast and NetLogo classes are. Paul Johnson (who is now on the SwarmFest email list) offered to teach Swarm, and I think that should be on Sunday.

4. Overall schedule: Greg, are you making a schedule with everything on it, or should I start one? Maybe we should just put it on your conference web site.


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