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Re: [Swarmfest2006] Things to do

From: Greg Madey
Subject: Re: [Swarmfest2006] Things to do
Date: Fri, 19 May 2006 13:11:54 -0400


I'll work up a draft schedule over the weekend ... probably tomorrow.


On May 19, 2006, at 11:36 AM, Rick Riolo wrote:

i'll do what i can, but i am going to be
off for a bit, and then i'll be busy catching up.
- r

Rick Riolo                           address@hidden
Center for the Study of Complex Systems (CSCS)
4477 Randall Lab
University of Michigan         Ann Arbor MI 48109-1120
Phone: 734 763 3323                  Fax: 734 763 9267

On Fri, 19 May 2006, Steve Railsback wrote:

Date: Fri, 19 May 2006 07:48:10 -0700
From: Steve Railsback <address@hidden>
Reply-To: SwarmFest 2006 Organizers list <address@hidden>
To: SwarmFest 2006 Organizers list <address@hidden>
Subject: [Swarmfest2006] Things to do

Margaret & I decided to grab a quick vacation while we have a few days, so I will be away from email from this afternoon through next Weds. (24 May). (The rain commenced immediately, of course; so our priorities may
shift from cycling to wine.)

I will send out another registration reminder today.
So far, the confirmed featured speakers are Gary An and me; I hope we
can get 2 more, including someone to talk after our dinner on Friday.

Greg: Can you work on getting some kind of schedule posted?
Also: Tim Kohler is figuring out if he can come be a featured speaker; I
asked him to send email to the swarmfest list, so maybe you could
respond to him. I'll forward my correspondence with him to you.

Rick: Could you please handle the spam and (I hope) legit email on the
swarmfest list while I'm gone?

Marcus: Could you please probe Steve Lansing about speaking?


Lang, Railsback & Associates
250 California Ave.
Arcata CA  95521
(707) 822-0453
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