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RE: [Swarmfest2006] Abstracts & scheduling

From: North, Michael
Subject: RE: [Swarmfest2006] Abstracts & scheduling
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2006 13:37:30 -0500


I'm flexible about the number and timing of Repast presentations.  We
can fill them in as the larger schedule develops.


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> Subject: [Swarmfest2006] Abstracts & scheduling
> OK, we received only 8 abstracts, with Paul Box promising 4 more. (Jim
> A: Good to see that you will be there!) The authors and titles are
> listed below.
> In addition, Steve Lytinen is planning a panel discussion on teaching
> agent-based modeling. I expect he will soon be contacting several of
> about participating. This panel could be 30-60 minutes.
> The 8 abstracts are enough to fill our SwarmFest-only day, Saturday
> (along with one featured speaker and a wrapup session at 4:30).
> However, we need several of these talks to be Friday, the day we share
> with NAACSOS, because they would be of interest to NAACSOS and will
> room on Saturday for the additional submittals we're expecting.
> NAACSOS people: Which of these presentations would you like on the
> day?
> o Steve Lytinen's talk on platforms should be of general interest.
> o Mike- do you want to talk about Simphony just once to everyone, or
> separately to each conference?
> o I also encourage you to consider Paul Cunningham's talk (he is a
> student of mine): his talk will be about strategies and methods for
> evaluating parameter sensitivity in a large ABM, a topic on which
> is much interest yet few methods and examples.
> o Would the discussion of teaching ABMs be of interest to NAACSOS?
> Here are the abstracts received so far:
> Kyle Newton: Modelling the effectiveness of sterile insect release
> within a Codling moth population
> William Rand: Widgets, Planets, and Demons: The Case for the
> of Human, Embedded, and Virtual Agents via Mediation
>       James Anderson:
> Agent Based Methods in Ecohydraulics
> Michael North: A Brief Introduction to the New Repast Simphony Toolkit
> Paul Cunningham: A Sensitivity Analysis of an Individual-based Trout
> Bryan Thorne: Modeling Blood Vessel Growth: An Integrated Agent Based
> and Finite Element Analysis Approach
> Steven Lytinen: A comparison of Agent-based Simulation Platforms
>       Sule
> Yildirim: Agents of the Mind to Emerge in NetLogo
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