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[Tetuhi-vgs] Some fixes for x86_64

From: Eric Piel
Subject: [Tetuhi-vgs] Some fixes for x86_64
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 22:41:54 +0100
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This is a quick message to summarize what I needed to change (against the git tree) to run tetuhi on my x86_64 machine: * Compilation must be done with -fPIC. This implies not only changing the COMMON_OPTS variables, but also running "python setup.py build_ext" with "CFLAGS=-fPIC LDFLAGS=-fPIC" * "pyserf_helpers.c" is not found in nnpy.c, it must be changed to ../lib/pyserf_helpers.c * The main difficulty: collect_entropy() of vg/cblobdetect.py should return a list of integers, not of longs (otherwise, overflows appear) so line 315 should be: return list(array.array("i", e2))

The last two points could probably be directly fixed in the source, as described.

Hoping it helps some people :-)
See you,

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