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[Tetuhi-vgs] release of 0.85

From: Douglas Bagnall
Subject: [Tetuhi-vgs] release of 0.85
Date: Tue, 27 May 2008 14:45:53 +1200
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After much delay (attributable to the birth of a child), version 0.85
is out.  The best new thing is (partial, at least) OLPC XO support.
It runs well but is un-sugarised and several configuration variables
need tuning for the slower machine.  To use the XO camera you need the
-x option.

A fuller Changelog looks like:

  - Yaml import uses either PySyck or PyYaml, depending what is
  - Improvements to Makefiles, so the modules build on more systems.
  - Adaptation for OLPC XO (incomplete, but it runs).
  - More flexible (fully executable) config files, and option to
    dump current config values.
  - Various fiddly changes and sort-of clean-ups or improvements.

Thanks to John Knight and Eric Piel for finding problems with the
build system.  Tetuhi is now much more likely to compile, and should
even work on 64 bit machines.

Because of the noob difficulties I had in cross-compiling for the XO,
I have included binaries of the C modules (under binaries/olpc), so
other novices can get going quicker.

The tarball is as always available from


and you can get the git tree directly from


Douglas Bagnall

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