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Re: [Tetuhi-vgs] nnpy module?

From: Matt Fischer
Subject: Re: [Tetuhi-vgs] nnpy module?
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008 14:47:05 -0600

Thanks Grant,

I did see a nnpy object file, but wasn't sure what python wanted to see there...  Anyway, maybe you could update the docs with your install experience?  I'd also love to be able to install and run this in a home directory without installing to /usr/local/bin, maybe I will make some Makefile changes to do that this week.

PS - I am also using Ubuntu Hardy inside a VMware instance.

On Tue, Jul 29, 2008 at 3:33 AM, Grant McLean <address@hidden> wrote:
Matt Fischer wrote:
> I downloaded the tetuhi source tonight and have been working through
> the missing dependencies that I had.  I was able to compile finally,
> but when running, I now see this:
> ImportError: No module named nnpy
> I'm pretty new to python, but I did poke around some and did not find
> a module named nnpy, any hints?

Hi Matt

Like you, I'm a newbie at this Python thing but I thought I'd reply in
case you still haven't found an answer.

nnpy is one of the things you build when you run make in the
'perceptron' directory.  The fact that it's not being found means that
either it wasn't built successfully or you haven't installed it into a
directory that Python is looking in.

For the record, I managed to get tetuhi running this evening on my
Ubuntu (Hardy) box as follows:

sudo apt-get install python-pygame python-dev python-yaml gsl-bin

cd c
make && sudo make python-install
cd ../img-c
´╗┐make && sudo make python-install
cd ../perceptron
´╗┐make && sudo make python-install
cd ..

various pieces got installed under /usr/local/lib

then I was able to run:

./tetuhi /path/to/image.jpg

and it all just worked!

Very cool - thanks Douglas.  Your new arrival is probably a tad young to
appreciate it just yet but my 10yr old thought it was great.


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