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[Toon-members] ransac.h find_RANSAC_inliers observations parameter

From: Łukasz Mosdorf
Subject: [Toon-members] ransac.h find_RANSAC_inliers observations parameter
Date: Sun, 27 Dec 2009 23:23:55 +0100
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I have a question regarding a "find_RANSAC_inliers" function of the TaG library in file "ransac.h".

According to the doxygen documentation, parameter "observations" is a vector of observations. In my code I use a following structure to pass the observation to this function:

std::vector< std::pair< TooN::Vector<2> , TooN::Vector<2> > > obs_vec

As I understand the structure: this is a vector of a point pairs. Suppose I have two sets of points - A and B, and I want to match which points from B coresponds to points from A. I just make a permutation of pairs of points and pass it as this parameter, so there are every possible matches in the structure. Is this correct?

I am asking because I am getting weird results - more matches than points. I am using AffineHomeography estimator from "ransac_estimators.h". Sometimes all points from A are matched to one point form B.

If this is the right place, please, someone help me :(

Lukasz Mosdorf

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