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Re: [Toon-members] VideoBuffer.get_frame() returns VideoFrame of differe

From: Gerhard Reitmayr
Subject: Re: [Toon-members] VideoBuffer.get_frame() returns VideoFrame of different size to the VideoBuffer
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2010 20:08:59 +0100


it definitely sounds like a problem of a specific implementation of 
VideoBuffer. There are many different ones and they may behave quite 
differently. Clearly that one should be fixed. it sounds like its 

a quick check didn't show any obvious mistakes, but I don't have hardware here 
to test it...


On 19 Jan 2010, at 16:52, Qi Pan wrote:

> Hello,
> Currently it appears that VideoBuffer.get_frame() can return a VideoFrame of 
> a different size compared to the VideoBuffer. This problem occurs if the 
> default resolution is not used. VideoBuffer.get_frame() always seems to 
> return a frame of the default res (which for my pointgrey cam is 
> unfortunately 752x480), even if VideoBuffer.size() is the right size (as 
> defined by the string passed to openvideosource). This only seems to be a 
> problem when using Firewire or Firewire via usb cameras (e.g. pointgrey).
> This has the nasty side effect that specifying a 320x240 imagesize actually 
> just crops the image (the top left portion) when using the tutorial code 
> (modified version included) and gives image size problems due to obtaining 
> VideoFrames of an unexpected size in other code (e.g. using image_convert() ).
> The output of the tutorial code is that video_buffer->size() is 640x480 and 
> frame->size() is 752x480.
> I'll try to dig through the code but am not really experienced, so if anyone 
> can think of a quick fix or point me in the correct direction to fix this 
> that would be great!
> Cheers,
> Qi
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