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Re: [Toon-members] Ful SVD Support

From: Georg Klein
Subject: Re: [Toon-members] Ful SVD Support
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2010 08:30:34 -0800

On 25 Jan 2010, at 05:55, Gabriel Nützi wrote:

Hello all,

I am writting a full SVD support, meaning that it calculates the whole U, and V matrices, which is currently not implemented in TooN::SVD

Do you mean for non-square matrices? I think either SVD or GR_SVD or both can do this already if you pad the input matrix with zeros to make a square matrix.

because I am not the best Template C++ geek, I am sending the code for SVD.h when I am finished so would be cool if someone can quickly look over the structure...

My Question:

return Matrix<Rows, Min_Dim, Precision, Reference::RowMajor> ( my_square.my_data, my_square.num_rows(), my_square.num_cols() );

What does this do? hehe, I have no Idea? A return value with 3 parameters?¿¿?? =)??¿
What is this C++? I probably have never seen such a thing....

That's returning a single matrix via a 3-argument constructor.

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