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Re: [Toon-members] Efficient (dynamic) slicing

From: Rafael Spring
Subject: Re: [Toon-members] Efficient (dynamic) slicing
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2010 11:46:00 -0800

Ok, so the real situation is that fillSubMatrix() is virtual (sorry, should have mentioned that in my first mail). That would probably require to be explicit about the template parameters, right? Can I now assume that the proposed pattern would not result in temp. matrix data being allocated from the heap? Or is there a better practice than this?

I am also a little confused by the Matrix documentation. For the slice() method there is an example:

Matrix<> m(3,3);
// Extract the top-left 2x2 matrix
Matrix<2> b = m.slice(0,0,2,2);

Is Matrix b now a copy of m's top left 2x2 or is b just referencing this data? Would then the following be a reference?

Matrix<Dynamic, Dynamic, double, TooN::Internal::Slice<-1,1> > b = m.slice(0,0,2,2);

Please ignore the questions. The debugger just gave me all the answers.
However, for the next beta of TooN, I'd love to have a small memory manager in the background to redirect the temp. allocations.



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