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[Toon-members] Warnings with -Wignored-qualifiers on gcc 4.3.4

From: Pekka Paalanen
Subject: [Toon-members] Warnings with -Wignored-qualifiers on gcc 4.3.4
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2010 13:01:48 +0300


I'm just wondering if you are aware of the following warnings, and that
are they safe to ignore by using -Wno-ignored-qualifiers.

Compiling the attached source file with:
$ bash


../TooN/internal/operators.hh: In instantiation of
'TooN::Internal::MultiplyType<const double, double, 1>':

../TooN/internal/operators.hh:354:   instantiated from 'void
TooN::Operator<TooN::Internal::MatrixVectorMultiply<R, C, P1, B1, Size,
P2, B2> >::eval(TooN::Vector<Size2, Precision2, Base2>&) const [with
int Sout = 3, Pout = double, Bout = TooN::Internal::VBase, int R = 3,
int C = 3, P1 = double, B1 = TooN::RowMajor, int Size = 3, P2 = double,
B2 = TooN::Internal::VBase]'

../TooN/internal/vector.hh:183:   instantiated from 'TooN::Vector<Size,
Precision, Base>::Vector(const TooN::Operator<Op>&) [with Op =
TooN::Internal::MatrixVectorMultiply<3, 3, double, TooN::RowMajor, 3,
double, TooN::Internal::VBase>, int Size = 3, Precision = double, Base
= TooN::Internal::VBase]'

../TooN/internal/operators.hh:363:   instantiated from 'TooN::Vector<R,
typename TooN::Internal::MultiplyType<P1, P2,
TooN::Internal::Field::is>::type, TooN::Internal::VBase>
TooN::operator*(const TooN::Matrix<R, C, P1, B1>&, const
TooN::Vector<Size, P2, B2>&) [with int R = 3, int C = 3, int Size = 3,
P1 = double, P2 = double, B1 = TooN::RowMajor, B2 =

../TooN/so3.h:333:   instantiated from 'TooN::Vector<3, typename
TooN::Internal::MultiplyType<Pl, Pr, TooN::Internal::Field::is>::type,
TooN::Internal::VBase> TooN::operator*(const TooN::SO3<P>&, const
TooN::Vector<S, PV, A>&) [with int S = 3, P = double, PV = double, A =

../TooN/se3.h:88:   instantiated from 'TooN::SE3<Precision>
TooN::SE3<Precision>::inverse() const [with Precision = double]'   instantiated from here

../TooN/internal/operators.hh:43: warning: type qualifiers ignored on
function return type

This is with the TooN CVS version of today and g++ (Gentoo 4.3.4 p1.1,
pie-10.1.5) 4.3.4.

-Wignored-qualifiers is turned on by -Wextra, which I always use.
Of course, I would prefer a fix instead of hiding the warnings.


Pekka Paalanen, M.Sc. (Eng.)   LUT/IT, room 6505
doctoral student     

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