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Re: Problems with 2.0.22; hangs on connect

From: Joel Stanley
Subject: Re: Problems with 2.0.22; hangs on connect
Date: 11 May 2003 02:43:51 -0500

On Wed, 2003-05-07 at 15:26, Joel Stanley wrote:

> At the bottom of this e-mail are the appropriate errors logs. I'm
> running XEmacs 21.4.11 under Linux (I don't have this problem on 21.4.11
> on win32, for some reason, but I haven't checked the version of tramp
> installed there).  I've been using tramp successfully in the past, and
> love it, but that was under XEmacs 21.4.6 and tramp 1.2, IIRC (it was
> installed with my distro).

I have some more information that might be of use to anyone willing to
assist me in my endeavor to get tramp working for me again. :)

I've now tried tramp under the following xemacsen, with the given

xemacs-21.4.6   -onlcr lockup
xemacs-21.4.11  -onlcr lockup
xemacs-21.4.12  -onlcr lockup
xemacs-21.5.13  *works*

This is all with version 1.12 of the tramp package (tramp-version
reports 2.0.22). 

However, running xemacs-21.5.13 on my system isn't really an option at
this point (for one thing, 'term' seems broken), as I'm not particularly
interested in fighting beta glitches and other oddities while trying to
work on my thesis ;P

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.


Joel Stanley * address@hidden

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