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can we use a malloc-debugger for a gprolog/C++ program?

From: Erick Alphonse
Subject: can we use a malloc-debugger for a gprolog/C++ program?
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 19:26:54 -0500


I'm facing a problem for a while, and eventually I ask for your help as
I am unable to cope with it.

Isn't there any way to use a malloc-debugger which can be able to trace
malloc and free calls in a gprolog/c++ program? The c++ is used to write
external predicates only. 

I tried several malloc-debuggers like efence, yamd et purify 5.0 under
linux and solaris.

I tried the last one in a straighforward way, specifying --c-compiler
'purify g++', and liking in the same way, but it was even unable to
process the object files because of a register conflict. So I compiled
gprolog in order to avoid the use of -ffixed-ebx but even like that it

For the two others, I tried both the static and dynamic approches and
they remain silent, the libraries not being loaded at all.

Please, I'm getting depressed. I am not a good hacker and I need help.
If someone could give me some advice or the way to operate, I will be
very grateful.

Thanks in advance for your time,
Erick Alphonse.

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