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Re: Compiling with MSVCC

From: Elmar Haneke
Subject: Re: Compiling with MSVCC
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 15:17:21 +0100

Daniel Diaz wrote:

> ./configure --with-c-flags=debug --with-msvc --disable-sockets
> --disable-gui-console

./configure --with-msvc --disable-sockets --disable-gui-console 
        --disable-fd-solver --with-links-dir=/tmp 

did the job, there was a strange problem in the FD2C dir left. 
Since I do not need this stuff I removed the fd-solver from compile.

After my first trys using similar settings I expect the problem to
reside somewhere in the configuration mechanism: I did remove the
cache-file to avoid this problems.

Another bad thing did arise: the MSVCC compiled program does consume
approximatle twice the time the GCC compiled executable does consume.
This might be caused by the poor backend in the standard-compiler,
precompiled binaries would help here.


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