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Re: Porting to Watcom C v11

From: Daniel Diaz
Subject: Re: Porting to Watcom C v11
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 15:32:32 +0100

Hello I think this is due to the fact that linked Prolog objects are not 
found at run-time. This is done bi Obj Chain in src/EnginePl. Please look at 
the file src/PORTING to see how to run test_oc (a check program). Uner Linux 
I scan a portion of the data segment to recognize some magic numbers, under 
Win32 I use a special segment (section) to record an entry for each object.

address@hidden said:
> On porting gprolog to Watcoms compiler after an complete compile on
> starting gprolog.exe I get the message:

> Warning: no initial goal executed
>    use a directive :- initialization(Goal)
>    or remove the link option --no-top-level (or --min-bips or
> --min-size)

> Can you give me any hint how to fix this?

> Elmar

                 Daniel Diaz
University of Paris 1      INRIA Rocquencourt
75013 Paris FRANCE      78153 Le Chesnay FRANCE
        email: address@hidden

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