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Re: need volunteers to try new version

From: Elmar Haneke
Subject: Re: need volunteers to try new version
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 15:51:47 +0100

Daniel Diaz wrote:
> Hello,
> the last UNSTABLE version of GNU-Prolog (1.2.6) is available at:
> z
> a Linux RPM is also available (gprolog-1.2.6-1.i686.rpm)
> This version includes a modified architecture increasing performances (around
> 40 %). In the future this new architecture will bring some new improvements
> (GC, new stack allocation, ...).

At least runnin on Windows (CYGWIN) the speedup seems to be much less
in one of my programs:

1.2.1:  50853 ms
1.2.5:  40548 ms
1.2.6:  40348 ms

Especialy the difference between 1.2.6 and it's predecessor 1.2.5
seems to be irrelevant. The gain agains the stable release should be
estimated as 20% not 40%.


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