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Re: Question on GPL

From: Jean Michel LECONTE
Subject: Re: Question on GPL
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2001 21:56:51 +0200

- - wrote  :
> I have an application which compiles to an executable under Linux for GNU
> Prolog.
> As GNU Prolog is under GPL, Does my application also become GPL ?
> Do I need "to give"/"offer to give" source code of my application to whom
> ever I give a binary ?
> Thankx in advance for any replies.
> Regards,
> Tushar Parekh.

When you compile with gcc a c or c++ program, your binary hasn't to be under 
the GPL license  (fortunately !) . But the problem with GNU Prolog is that :
in the binary wich is created by GNU Prolog there is a part of the code 
produced wich is a part of GNU Prolog ...

So i think your application becomes GPL.

Jean Michel LECONTE

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