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System Statistics

From: c.calderon
Subject: System Statistics
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2001 20:20:53 +0100

Hi all,
I am trying to run a simple experiment to determine how long it takes for GNUProlog to find the first solution in my solver..
This is what I am doing:
q:- statistics(key,_),
    check(Ld,End), statistics(key,[_,Y]),
    write(Ld), nl,
    write('time: '), write (Y), nl
I tried all four possible keys: user-time, system-time, cpu-time,real-time.
For the first three I get the following:
-the first solution
-time: 0
whereas when the key=real-time, time: [0-2]. That's sometimes, zero, others one or two.
I guess that when the key is user_time, system-time or cpu-time the time meassured is less than 1 ms.
But, why do I get apparentely random results when the key=real-time? According to the manual real-time is the absolute time elapsed since the start of Prolog but I am not sure that I understand what absolute time is.
Please, could anyone shed some light on this?
Many thanks...

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