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forall on fd

From: Hector Palacios
Subject: forall on fd
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2001 10:52:44 -0400 (VET)

I had the following error. Any idea???
It seems like an error of fd2c.
address@hidden planner]$ gplc stp_fd.fd 
`-mpentiumpro' is deprecated. Use `-march=pentiumpro' or `-mcpu=pentiumpro' 
/tmp/gplcMySErO.c: In function `fd_minlist_bloc_1':
/tmp/gplcMySErO.c:31: parse error before '{' token
/tmp/gplcMySErO.c:31: label `lab_exit' used but not defined
/tmp/gplcMySErO.c: At top level:
/tmp/gplcMySErO.c:33: parse error before "lab_exit"
compilation failed
address@hidden planner]$ gplc --version
Prolog compiler (GNU Prolog) 1.2.8
By Daniel Diaz

/* stp_fd.fd */
fd_minlist(fdv M, l_fdv L)
  start forall Li of L do M in 0 .. max(Li) 


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