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Re: gplc and linking with other libraries

From: FORT David
Subject: Re: gplc and linking with other libraries
Date: Wed, 06 Mar 2002 11:39:52 +0100
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address@hidden wrote:

Hi there,

I have just started playing with GNU Prolog's foreign language interface
(among other things, I am trying to write a GNU Prolog interface for the
Parma Polyhedra Library,

One of the difficulties I have encountered is with the gplc command:
while it allows to specify extra options for the linker (with -L),
these options are passed as the first ones in the link command.
This would seem to imply that there is no way to link with your
own libraries (in addition to the ones needed by GNU Prolog itself).
In fact, a command like

     gplc -o EXENAME some.o -L '-Lmylibdir -lmylib'

results in a link command of the form

     gcc -Lmylibdir -lmylib ...

and this is such that the library `libmylib' is simply disregarded.
Is there a workaround for this?
I would like very much to avoid

1) including the entire library in my executable when I need only
   a part of it;
2) having to specify the complete path of libraries (I would like
   the linker to look for them in the appropriate places);
3) linking manually, thus having to guess which library are needed
   by GNU Prolog itself.

Am I imposing an unsatisfiable set of constraints?
Thanks a lot


I had to do many tricks for linking a program of mine, as it uses
C++ and i wanted it to be under automake/autoconf.
The only solution i found was to do a
   gplc -v <file>
To have the order of linking done by gplc.

And i just copy&paste this linking directive, and added the things
that were required by my application.

PS: all prolog mapped function must be linked between "obj_begin.o" and "obj_end.o" PPS: if anybody has a trick to dynamically register the predicate from C, i'm interested. This would allows me to have Prolog compiled in a shared library module, that i could
load and unload when needed.

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