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Re: 64 MB memory Limit? and question

From: Erick Alphonse
Subject: Re: 64 MB memory Limit? and question
Date: Thu, 07 Mar 2002 13:19:45 +0100


> at least on Windows platform GNU-Prolog seems to have an limitation on 
> maximum stacksize. If I try to allocate e.g. global-size 70000 the 
> program starts with an memory allocaation fault message only.

I think that the problem is not related to a particular platform. I am
using a PC under linux with 512M and I can't allocate a global stack
greater than around 60M.

I remember someone proposed a patch for that, but I can not find it
anymore. Is it working? Could someone repost it please?

More generally, can someone explain why gprolog is limited in such a
way? Maybe, it could be useful to include in the documentation the
current gprolog's limitations.

But Daniel said he was working on a new memory management framework,
with garbage collection. Maybe that will lift the current restriction?

By the way an auto-expandable stack would be very nice ;). Is it so

Thanks in advance for any information,
Best regards,

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