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Re: MSVC for linking etc.

From: Elmar Haneke
Subject: Re: MSVC for linking etc.
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 10:25:25 +0000
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Jørgen Villadsen wrote:

I also had a question about the need for MSVC for gplc... any comments?

The precompiled binary does require MSCV for linking executables.

If you do not have MSVCC it might be an option to install the CygWin-Package and compile the sources using gcc.

An other consideration is if it would be possible (ans should be done) to provide an precompiled binary without the MSVC-requirement.

I would assume that this is possible if the prolog-library is compiled not to require any LIB-files from MSVC (only the DLLs might be referenced) or the prolog-lib itself is placed into an DLL. In this case the linker from Microsofts SDK (free download at can do the job, Gnu-Prolog does not require an C-Compiler to generate Executables since it is not an via-C-compiler.

Another option to make such a setup would be using an MinGWin based gprolog, in this case all tools required can be placed into the binary distribution.


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