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Hi to this list and some issues.

From: Manuel Gutierrez Algaba
Subject: Hi to this list and some issues.
Date: Thu, 30 May 2002 17:49:11 +0200

        I'm new to this list and I'm retaking prolog, after many years.
I'm the maintainer of Crosswords for Linux (, and 
I've been searching for a crossword generators, but all I've found are 
SWI-compatible and I can't run them on gprolog. 

a) Is there any way of loading libraries or something to make them run ?

Besides, I'm trying to do a bit of string processing, but since I'm new to 
the language and the documentation I have is very spartan , I can't guess how 
to :

b) Having these facts: 
   def ( IP , ' Internet Protocol').
   def ( ICMP, ' RFC 792,  part of the IP protocol).

 Considering that IP is a defined term and it's present in the definition of 
another term, I'd like to generate the facts:
  related(ICMP, IP).

 I do need string functions. 

c) I'd like to have more gprolog program examples.


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