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problem with a .fd file

From: Jean Michel LECONTE
Subject: problem with a .fd file
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2002 11:07:13 GMT

I did a new function in a fd files fd_cumulative(l_fdv Start,l_fdv End,l_fdv U,l_int S,fdv A, fdv Sommedessizes)
      /* Interval Integrity  */
start Sommedessizes in 0..((trouvelemaxdelaliste(End) - trouvelemindelaliste(Start)) * max(A))
      /* resource histogram */
start resourcehisto(Start,End,U,S,max(A))
} I want to execute these two starts at each time the domain of a variable of Start, End, U and A changes How to do ?? Thanks

Jean Michel LECONTE
i tried with trigger but i didn't find the solution

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