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Prolog and C code works on PowerPC, fails on Intel

From: Miguel Arroz
Subject: Prolog and C code works on PowerPC, fails on Intel
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 18:40:46 +0000 (WET)


  I'm working on a project on Linux for PowerPC. I have a prolog file
linked with a (really big) project in C. It works perfectly on my PowerPC

  When I move it to an Intel machine, it fails on the first C call to
prolog. I do it like on the example on page 204 of the manual. First, I
call Start_Prolog, then Find_Atom (and it returns a positive int, not -1,
so it whould be working fine). Then, Pl_Query_Call. Here's the problem: it
returns an exception.

  First, how can I print that exception, to know what's happening? I
tried to read the PlTerm as String, but it fails and crashes.

  Second, why is this happening? When I test the example on that page on
the Intel machine, it works. It does not work on my project, but the C
code is mostly the same on the two machines...


Miguel Arroz

                                       "Eles nao sabem nem sonham..."

        Miguel Barreto da Silva Arroz - IST, LEIC - address@hidden
          ** Guia Macintosh em Portugal - **

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