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Re: Question about compiling of files lgt, pl and c++

From: Paulo Moura
Subject: Re: Question about compiling of files lgt, pl and c++
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 21:04:57 +0000

On Sexta, Fev 14, 2003, at 18:39 Europe/Lisbon, CARLOS EGEA wrote:

I am trying to compile three types of different files
that they are.

  lgt. Logtalk Files
  pl.  Prolog Files.
  cc.  C++ Files.
When I try to compile, with the command
 gplc --c-compiler g++ list.lgt

The output gives an error.

Logtalk source files must be compiled by Logtalk. In this case, compiling "list.lgt" will produce a Prolog code file named "" that can be further compiled with gplc. However, you also need to compile the Logtalk configuration file for GNU Prolog and the Logtalk preprocessor and runtime (contained in the file compiler/ in the current Logtalk distribution).


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