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Re: GTK Language bindings: other GUI bindings

From: Lindsey Spratt
Subject: Re: GTK Language bindings: other GUI bindings
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2003 08:55:37 -0600

On Tuesday, March 4, 2003, at 03:38  AM, Ron Stodden wrote:

Is any work being done on GTK language bindings for GNU's gprolog?

I am in need of it, so count one vote for it from me.

gprolog has no other GUI bindings that I am aware of.

I don't have a cross-platform solution for you, but I do have something for the Mac.

XGP (which I announced on this list recently) is an IDE for gprolog that provides "GUI bindings" for the Mac OS X platform. The current release (0.1.4) provides menus and user interface controls (dialogs). I am working on a new release (out maybe in a week or two) that will provide basic graphic facilities.

You can find out more about XGP at:

Lindsey Spratt

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