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Re: get rid of prolog banner

From: olivier . dameron
Subject: Re: get rid of prolog banner
Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2003 12:18:05 +0200 (MEST)

Hello Lindsey,

The use of open/4 was brought to my attention by a previous try with open/3
which triggered the following error:
caused exception: error(type_error(variable,myOutput),open/3)
The reference
paragraph 'associating a stream to a source/sink explicitely mentions open/4

> Looking around char 41 of the warning string  
> '[testProlog],open(result,write,myOutput,),set_output(myOutput),foo(bar) 
> ;close(myOutput),halt(0)', there's an extra comma following myOutput in  
> "open(result,write,myOutput,)".

Thanks for the help

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