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Re: SOLVED get rid of prolog banner

From: Daniel Diaz
Subject: Re: SOLVED get rid of prolog banner
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2003 12:39:39 +0200
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First, why dont you compile your file testProlog instead of consulting it at run-time ?. Since you execute a command (under the shell), you could execute:
   gplc (to obtain an executable testProlog)
and then simply run:

You can now use a :- initialization/1 directive to launch your goal (tell(result), foo(bar);halt(0)).

If you really need to consult this file, you could manually compile it to byte-code, using:
   gplc -w (creates testProlog.wbc silently)
and then launch:
   gprolog --init-goal 'load(testProlog),tell(result),foo(bar);halt(0)'

you can even launch the compilation under gprolog using for instance shell/1 (there are other predicates to execute commands).
This gives:

   gprolog --init-goal 'shell('gplc -w'),load(testProlog),

See you

address@hidden wrote:
Hi again,
Eventually, redirecting the output to a result file was possible

address@hidden:~/projet/prolog> gprolog --init-goal
compiling /home/olivier/projet/prolog/ for byte code...
/home/olivier/projet/prolog/ compiled, 33 lines read - 2837
bytes written, 21 ms

I am not fully satisfied however, and would have prefered to run in silent
mode so that only the result of my query appears in stdout

Thanks to everyone for the assistance

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