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Re: Iteratively calling Prolog from C

From: Daniel Dudley
Subject: Re: Iteratively calling Prolog from C
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2003 14:30:45 +0200

Daniele Peri wrote:
> Daniel Dudley wrote:
> > Well, I call them "accumulator" variables, although there
> > may be a better way to describe them. Factorial_nd is the
> > simplest example, I believe. Notice how the last
> > two variables in factorial_nd/5 are used to store values
> > over backtracking. Otherwise, the same principle is used in
> That is exactly the kind of thing, whatever people want to
> call it, gprolog does not optimize. Perhaps you miss the
> discussion with Lindsey Spratt. Unfortunately adding choice
> points as you do just worsen things. 

Well, I haven't tried my routines with gprolog. There may
be something very special about gprolog that doesn't allow
it to perform as expected, but I very much doubt it.

There is only one level of recursion and one choice point
at any given time. I fail to see that this worsens things!


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