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CLP example

From: Vitor Beires Nogueira
Subject: CLP example
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2003 13:17:00 +0100
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        when using GNU/Prolog finite domain solver I came across the following 

The constraint

?- X #= Y #/\ X #> Y.

gives an immediate answer (obviously No).

And the equivalent constraint

 ?- X #> Y #/\ X #= Y.

takes 111040 ms (Pentium III, 1GHz).

Moreover, if we change the first constraint, imposing that X and Y are less or 
equal than the max_integer  (shouldn't this be the default ?), then this 
constraint also takes a similar time: 109810 ms.

Is this the intended behaviour ?

Vitor Beires Nogueira

P.S.  I tried those constraints on Sicstus Prolog  and obtained the answer
Y in inf .. sup
X in inf .. sup


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