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Choice between Prolog and Clips for an AI application.

From: Marc Colinet
Subject: Choice between Prolog and Clips for an AI application.
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2003 20:30:12 +0100


I asked to Clips users (Clips is an expert system) what was there
opinion about Prolog. I wonder what kind of differences exist
between Prolog and expert systems like Clips.

I received the following answer :

>The primary difference between CLIPS and Prolog is that CLIPS is a
>forward chaining system, reasoning from facts to the conclusions
>supported by them, and Prolog is a backwards chaining systems, reasoning
>from conclusions back to the facts which support them. Generally, forward
>chaining systems are better at control and planning, where backward
>chaining systems are better at diagnosis.

>Gary Riley

Is it right that Prolog is not made for forward chaining ?
I am surprised, I could understand that backwards chaining is
difficult to implement, but the forward one ?

I haven't studied Prolog nor Clips yet and I am looking forward to
integrate one of them in a general purpose AI application.
Prolog seems to be the most simple and convenient solution, but Clips has
been developed by NASA...
I must recognize that this argument impresses me much.
On the other hand, a shuttle crashed recently...

Could you help me to choose the right system by telling me
the reason(s) why I should prefer Prolog to Clips ?
I would like to be sure in order not to regret after having
spent much time to implement Clips for example.
On the other hand, users point of view is usually the good way to
have the state of the art in a domain.
I request your experiment in Prolog.

Thanks ahead and best regards.

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