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Re: gnu prolog for java

From: Bowie Owens
Subject: Re: gnu prolog for java
Date: Fri, 05 Dec 2003 08:53:04 +1100
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Didier Fragne wrote:


I'm looking for examples with gnu prolog for java.

I'd like to know how i can use it in a main application in java.
You can either use sockets

Or you can use SWIG

I went with the SWIG option. You will have to revise the typemaps in the .i file for Java. After that you can wrapper the gprolog interface behind Java classes to make it much easier to use. It requires a little bit of hackery in some places (if anyone knows I'd still love to know how to create a choice point without resorting to Pl_Query_Begin). But it has been working quite well for me using GNU Prolog 1.2.17 (1.2.16 fails in some places).

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