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Re: Gnuprologjava

From: Regis . KLA
Subject: Re: Gnuprologjava
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2003 16:37:55 +0100 (CET)
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> Thanks for your answer,
> I'll try your idea but in fact, i'd like to use Gnuprologjava
> ( in a main application in java.
> I search small examples or applications using it. The documentation
> included
> in the source code is for me not very usefull.
> Thanks
> Bye
> Didier
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> address@hidden


One year ago I used a library name JPL for SWI-Prolog and Java, may be it
is now ported to GnuProlog. Ask Diaz ???

However, under SWI it was not stable enough (lot of SIGSERV11 under Linux
dur to JNI unstability). So I get rid of it.

Now, I developped my own protocol :

- make your Prolog program executable (i.e. gplc)
- make system calls to these binaries

To ge results :

- method one : get the results from pipes (i.e. the prolog programs write
out on standard output)

- method two (best) : prolog binaries produce XML files, and parse them
using SAX


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